Tournament of Champions

2023 WhatTrivia Leaderboard - Official Rules

Points for the Leaderboard

Points are accumulated by going to trivia events. At the beginning of the game, on the top sheet of your answer pad, write your team name for the evening and also your team username.

(Your team username is visible at the top of this website when you are logged in, or under your team profile here.)

You can only get leaderboard points on your first game of a week (Sunday through Saturday).

Points breakdown:

  1. 1st Place - 6 Points
  2. 2nd Place - 4 Points
  3. 3rd Place - 2 Point
  4. Any Other Place - 1 Point

New this year:

  1. You can only get points on your first appearance in a given week. You no longer get a point for other appearances in the same week.
  2. If your team username "plays" multiple times in the same night (eg: sending players to multiple locations), the first event time-wise is used for placement.


  1. Any registered team ejected for cheating at any time in 2023 will be disqualified from the leaderboard and unable to participate in the tournament.

2023 Tournament Details

Unlike previous years, Tournament of Champions details will be coming out in March of 2023. So you'll have a full year to move your schedule around for the 2023 Tournament in Q1 2024.