About WhatTrivia

About the Game

  • Four rounds of five questions - you get one song to answer each question, bring your answer sheet up to the WhatTrivia host to be scored before the song ends.
  • One halftime bonus, and one final question - These are more involved and will vary in value.
  • You don't lose points except... - You won't be able to use that number again in that round.
  • Even the best can lose - In the final round, you can wager up to the amount of points you've earned so far. But be warned: you stand to lose the points you wager on an incorrect answer.
  • The smartest are determined - Prizes usually include a gift certificate, but the real gift is finding out exactly how smart you are.

Rules of the Game

  • Teams of Eight - Find the smartest friends you have, or hire someone to help you. It doesn't matter who they are, if you call them you're team, we won't judge you. You're more than welcome to play by yourself, just be sure your table has no more than 8 people.
  • No Cheaters! - Absolutely no cell phones, smart watches, or any internet enabled devices, no wicked smart uncle who isn't a player on your team; you can only use your brains. Watch out, people get competitive and aren't afraid to tell on you.
  • No Outside Materials! - The only materials your team may have are those provided by WhatTrivia. Blank scrap paper may be permitted at the discretion of your host. You may not bring in other materials, books, or resources; and may be ejected at the discretion of the host.
  • Don't Yell Out Answers - Having fun is allowed, being obnoxious is not. Yell out an answer when a question is asked, right or wrong, and you'll be asked to leave.
  • Don't Forget to Wager - If you forget to write a wager on your answer sheet, your host will wager for you. They will most likely give you the lowest available number if you're right, or highest available number if you're wrong, so like we said, don't forget!

How to Help Your Host

  • Don't Fold Your Answer- We're just trying to move the night along, there's no reason to keep your wrong answer secret.
  • Write Clearly- Hosts probably won't ask what you meant.
  • Keep Your Phone to Yourself- Sometimes we ask questions that can be refuted. But if you walk up to your host pushing a site you Googled into their face, and they'll be less likely to consider your argument.

About the Company

WhatTrivia is a locally owned company started in 2009. We write our own questions, designed our own format, and just want to make the world a smarter place. We love asking questions, and we love helping out local businesses and causes.