Tournament of Champions

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Tournament Winners: Mean Reserves

Get In on the 2021 Tournament!

How Does It Work?

The whole leaderboard changed for the 2022 tournament. See the rules here: 2021 Tournament Rules

You can see these points accumulate as trivia data is entered by your trivia host at the end of the night.

Keep Track of How Smart You Are

Signing up on our website allows a trivia team to create a "Registered Team". When you attend a trivia event, you can give the host your registered team username. Your score and placement that evening will be added to your account. You can see performance week by week, standings over time, or standings WhatTrivia-wide on our Tournament of Champions Leaderboard!

How do I Participate?

All you have to do is register a team, then give your team's username to the host at each WhatTrivia event. Then when the tournament is announced, sign your team up and get ready to compete!

Don't have a team? Register your team today!