2021 Tournament of Champions

These rules are subject to change until finalized.

Last update 2021-12-01.

New Leaderboard

  1. You will gain points by winning trivia events, just as before.
  2. Registered teams can play as many times as they wish throughout the week. Every time a team participates at an event, they are awarded 1 tournament point. At the end of each week (calculated first thing Sunday morning) teams will be awarded additional points for their highest placement in that week:
    4 points for a first place finish
    2 points for a second place finish
    1 point for a third place finish
    For example, if your team places 1st on Tuesday, 3rd on Wednesday, and 1st on Thursday, you will receive 3 points for attendance and 4 points for your first place finish on Tuesday, totaling 7 points.
  3. Ties will be broken by highest points per event average.
  4. Point bonuses can be announced on our website or on Facebook, including double points or bonus for regular or private events.
  5. In order to recieve points at an event, you MUST write your team username on the first sheet of your answer pack at the beginning of the night and hand it to your host. They will no longer enter your username for you.