Tournament of Champions

2021 Tournament of Champions Official Rules


  1. A team must have competed and won points in 2020 or 2021
  2. First place team on either leaderboard gets through to the finals, skipping the Semi-Finals.

Semi Finals

  1. Every team must compete in 1 semi final
  2. Top Six (6) from each Semi-Final will advance to the Finals.


  1. If you leave your table during the question for any reason (restroom, answer a phone call) you will not be allowed back to your seat until the answer is given.
  2. 8 Players Max per Team - No “Visitors”
  3. NO CELLPHONES AT ALL - A visible cell phone will get your team ejected. Face down in the center of the table is fine if you must, but no touching unless breaks are given.
  4. No Smart Watches - Put them away or be DQ'd. You can get your steps in later.
  5. Ties will be settled by the team's score before the final question.