WhatTrivia Live

Welcome to WhatTrivia Live!

WhatTrivia Live is our virtual offering for corporate events and private parties. We join your company meeting and entertain your attendees with questions and a leaderboard. Great for team building, company meetings, and happy hours to bring your remote employees together.

The event will take approximately one hour and we'll ask 20 questions. We will send you a customized WhatTrivia url where the participants will be able to submit their answers. In order to prevent cheating and find out who really knows their general knowledge, the results will come in timestamped, and the top players to get the answer correct will be awarded points for that question.

How does it Work?

  1. Request a Quote for your event today!.
  2. We'll provision a custom link for you to send out to your team along with your meeting invite.
  3. Players join your meeting, open our website, and we take it from there. We provide the hosts, a presentation of the questions, some music to groove to in your seats, and a scoring system to keep your guests engaged.


Love it! I am a HUGE fan ... I am also bringing you guys back to run another trivia with my FULL TIME folks likely next month if you guys are open to it!

Great job! That was the highest retention we've had.

Thank you so much! That was so much fun and perfect!!

It was a nice ice breaker and you guys did an awesome job at making it fun.

Thank you both! That went fantastic!!! We really appreciated the fun event.