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Build a team of the smartest people you know, because it's about to get difficult!  WhatTrivia involves teams of up to 8 competing in all areas of trivia, from current events, to history, to math, science, literature, etc. Four rounds of five questions with a half time and final question determine the champion of trivia for the night.

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We are currently looking for more locations in the Hartford and New Haven areas! Please contact us if you are an interested location, or apply here if you'd like to host!

2016 Tournament of Champions

The standings are now complete!  View details about the event, dates, and full standings here: 

2017 Team Leaderboard

Top 20 as of 04/27/2017

Rank Team Points
1 Clit Something 68
2 Hrainbow 54
3 Russian Table Dancers 52
4 Prince 44
5 In One Ear and Out Your Mother 41
6 Down in Front 35
6 Cannata 35
8 Crazy Sexy Bitches 31
8 Snarknado 31
10 Double Trouble 29
11 Love and Hate 27
11 Rob and his mo'Lassies 27
13 That Group 22
13 QuizzlyBears 22
15 Ray Dogs 20
16 Trivia Nomads 19
17 Montman 17
18 Alice and Her Rabbit Holes 16
19 Alcohol: the cause of and solution to all of life's problems 15
20 RollTide 14
20 Trinity Math 14
20 Speedracers 14
20 North Stars 14
20 NY Football Giants 14

Click Here for Tournament of Champions 2015

Weekly Events

Arch Street Tavern f-icon.png

Every Tuesday @ 7pm
Hartford CT

Artisanal Burger Company f-icon.png

Every Tuesday @ 7:30pm
Manchester CT 

White Dog Cafe f-icon.png

Every Tuesday @ 7pm
Portland CT

Tuscany Grill f-icon.png

Every Wednesday @ 7pm
Middletown CT

Wood-n-Tap Wallingford f-icon.png

Every Wednesday @ 8pm
Wallingford CT

Taphouse150 f-icon.png

(Formerly Billy Tee's)
Every Thursday @ 8pm
Cromwell CT 

La Vita f-icon.png

Every Thursday @ 7:00pm
East Haddam CT 

Waterbury Palace Theater

Select Thursdays at 6:30pm




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